“If the language is wrong, so is everything else.”

Brett Rutledge - Leader of linguistics at SENSEMAP®


Most businesses and business leaders don’t understand the power of language. Language is far more than how we communicate, it’s also how we make sense of things. If you don’t know how to articulate something, it’s because you don’t know it. If your language is confused, so is your thinking. That’s why most business problems are actually language problems. Brett challenges you to think about your business like a linguist and solve your problems with language.


Solving problems with language


Language can organise

Shared meaning and the ability to talk straight allows organisations to be effective. Unfortunately, the language of most organisations is so confused they actually exhibit the linguistic symptoms of dementia!


Language can make you different

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, but traditional approaches to establishing a point of difference fall short. Your difference is not found in any one thing. It’s found in how you collectively describe everything. 


Language allows you to lead

The most important trait of any leader is self-awareness. The most important skill is communication. At the core of both is language.


Language can persuade

If you want to convince others to agree with your facts, share your values, accept your argument, or adopt your way of thinking, you need to understand and use persuasive language.


Language helps you win

Your linguistic choices provide clues to your mental state and status. 'Winning' requires you to make different linguistic choices than those of your competitors.


Language can also mislead

We are surrounded by lies, half-truths and exaggerations. More than any other device, it’s language that is used to deceive us. 


If you want to take control of your language, you need to learn how to SENSEMAP®.