Leadership is language

Brett is the leader of linguistics at SENSEMAP. He delivers incredibly entertaining and powerful keynotes at conferences and events that demonstrate how language impacts everything. Sales, marketing, finance, operations, customer service, manufacturing, health & safety, and production all have one thing in common - language. Understanding the role language has on governing everything you say and do, is critical to any kind of successful leadership, organisation or customer experience. Brett shares his unparalleled knowledge of language in a way that is both challenging and hugely entertaining.



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The most important trait of any leader is self-awareness. The most important skill is communication. At the core of both is language. Brett lays bare the language of leadership and its critical role in the identity, authenticity, agility and empathy of a leader.


The inability to find shared meaning or talk straight creates confusion in organisations and stops them being effective. In a disturbing analysis, Brett shows how organisations are not only inhibited by poor language but, in many cases, exhibit the same linguistic symptoms as those of dementia!


If you want to convince others to agree with your facts, share your values, accept your argument and conclusions, or adopt your way of thinking, you need persuasive language. Brett shares the linguistic techniques used by everyone from ad-men to Presidents and shows you how they work.


When two people are tuned into each other's mental states, they tend to match each other's language styles. That engagement can spell doom in a negotiation! Brett not only shows you how your linguistic choices provide clues to your mental state and status but demonstrates how 'winning' a negotiation requires you to make different choices than those of your opponent.


Wherever we look, we live our lives surrounded by lies, half-truths, exaggerations and almost-truthful accounts. We use language, more than any other  device, to deceive each other. Brett demonstrates how deceptive language is used, who is using it and for what purpose. He'll tell you how to detect it in others, use it on others and (in case you ever need it) how to beat a lie detector machine... every time! 


Everyone wants to be different and stand out from the crowd. But traditional approaches to establishing a point of difference fall short. Brett demonstrates how language is your identity and how your difference is not found in any one thing but rather in how you collectively describe everything. Control the language, control the context. Control the context, control the result. 


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