B R E T T  R U T L E D G E – K E Y N O T E   S P E A K E R
Business linguist, strategist, advisor and World Champion of Public Speaking.
Grab your squad
and get your wig snatched by
a linguist
Millennials speak a different language to every other generation. If you want to understand and connect with them better, you need to learn that language! Brett shares the thinking behind the linguistic differences that define the generations in a hilarious 
and mind-blowing keynote.
When Brett takes to the stage you can expect a blend of irreverent humour, intelligent analysis, and a depth of understanding that is without peer.
Brett is a former World Champion of Public Speaking, and an internationally regarded business linguist, strategist and communication expert. He has acted as a key advisor on the language, meaning and structure of some of the most important commercial deals undertaken in Australasia, working with many high profile individuals and organisations to change the way they are perceived, valued and respected. 
Once you understand how to think like a linguist, you’ll never think about yourself or your business the same way again.
Brett’s keynotes are game-changers. He helps your audience to think like a linguist and shows them that, while language is universal, language doesn’t have universal meaning. Every person, every organisation and every word has its own unique context. Brett can create a bespoke keynote that explores any aspect of language you feel is relevant, or you can pick from one of the in-demand topics shown here.
The language of Disorganisation
Is your organisation slow to respond, unable to understand complex ideas, unable to find the right words to describe things, or fluent in speaking without any meaning? If so, you should be very concerned because those are actually the linguistic symptoms of dementia. Brett takes you on a hilarious rollercoaster 
of linguistic organisational failure which might just be a little too close to home.  
The language of Innovation
Everything that is new is innovative, but not everything innovative is new. Understanding the connection between innovation and evolution allows you to see the future. Brett explores the hidden connection between innovation, evolution and disruption, why we confuse them, and how to tell the difference. 
The language of Diversity
If you think diversity is about including and promoting minorities, then you may be stuck in the 1990's. Diversity is a much bigger idea, and a much more important concept, that we are consistently getting wrong. Brett demonstrates what diversity truly requires and why we are yet to meet that standard.
The language of Leadership
Leadership is not a position, an aspiration or an award. You cannot be made a leader and you cannot be appointed. Leadership is a verb. It is something you do. It’s a behaviour. Brett unlocks a completely different perspective of leadership and shows how it requires a completely different kind of leader.
The language of Resilience
Resilience literally means “the act of rebounding”. It’s about our ability to spring back and recover, and tied up in that idea are concepts of force, energy and elasticity. Brett demonstrates that in the language of resilience are the clues we need to make ourselves stronger and more capable of ‘rebounding’. 

Learn how most business problems are language problems
If your language is wrong, so is everything else
The biggest problem facing any organisation is no one knows what to say
If you don't explain your context, someone else will arrive with theirs
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